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The West Street Centre is a specialist, not-for-profit, free counselling service. We have small and dedicated team of highly experienced counselling professionals, including a social workers, counsellors, psychologists and clinical psychologists. We are also supported by a part-time administrator, a bookkeeper, and a volunteer management committee.

We all share a common belief that people who experience the crime of childhood sexual abuse can recover and lead rich and fulfilling lives. We support people whether they want to engage in the legal process or not; it is completely up to each person to decide what is right for them and we put respect for your decision making at the centre of our service.

The counselling we provide is holistic and strengths based. We have all engaged in extensive education and training that focuses on effective ways to help children, young people, and adults to recover from the effects of childhood sexual abuse. 



The West Street Centre is a community managed non-government organization. It is managed by a volunteer committee and a recently created manager position. The management committee consists of ideally 5-7 members who contribute their time, knowledge and experience to provide overall direction and governance of the organization through regular meetings. Committee members are chosen for the way their personal values align with our organization  that is committed to social justice and social change in relation to the core issue it works with, the sexual abuse of children.

We remain accountable to the community we serve and to our funding body through a range of mechanisms

  • We provide an audit report to  our funding body on what we have achieved during the financial year

  • We produce an Annual Report which we distribute to the community

  • We conduct an Annual General Meeting to present the written report to the community, elect a new committee as well as to ensure the organization’s financial accountability is transparent.


The day-to-day management of the Centre is conducted by the Service Manager, who reports directly to the Management Committee.


Michelle Fraser
Service Manager


Carol Micallef


Helene Panaretos


Anna Richardson


Maria Kalaremos

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Sylvia Fernandez

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