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Students and Volunteers


As a service committed to understanding and providing support to women and children who have experienced violence and abuse, we are committed to ensuring that the future generation of service providers understand how best to provide this support. Student placements and internships are an important way we can contribute to building a workforce that can offer skilled and sensitive care to our service users. Placements and internships vary in length and intensity depending on the type of training program, which is negotiated with the service manager and team for personal fit.

We remain very proud of all of our past students. We are honoured that we have had the ability to support and educate potential new workers in the field of complex trauma and have ongoing involvement with each one professionally and personally. To date, four of our previous students are now working with the NDIS to provide support to some of our community members. Students gave feedback that their placement helped them enormously in understanding trauma-informed practices and principles.

To discuss a student placement or internship, please contact the service manager on 42266441 or

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Friends of West Street Centre Catch Up group is a social and recreational group by adult women survivors of child sexual assault (the WSC Volunteers) for other adult women survivors. The WSC Volunteers undergo group training with the WSC Centre in preparation for the support role that they play in running the catch up group. They meet once a month where they help to organise the group’s calendar of activities and then facilitate those activities at the fortnightly Catch Up group. The Volunteers provide a safe environment for women in healing through mutual support, understanding, respect and creativity.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and have completed sufficient counselling, you may be invited to complete a recruitment and training process.

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