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Our Community

The West Street Community was born out of the idea of women survivors coming together to form a community of care around 2010. This was made possible with a grant from the local council.

Since then, WSC was able to hold regular drop-in groups, outings, and other community events that are staffed by trained volunteers with lived experience of child sexual assault. 

This has opened up the possibility for service users that are currently in counselling, on the waiting lists, or for those women who have completed their counselling, as well as women survivors of CSA who are not eligible for a service at WSC, the opportunity to come together as our West Street Community. 

The mission statement for the West Street Community was developed by the volunteers:

To Provide a safe environment for women in healing 

Through mutual support and understanding 

Respect and creativity 

To nurture, re-connect and claim dignity 

Within community 


The West Street Community usually meet once a fortnight. Our volunteers make everyone feel welcome and included and there is always lovely snacks, tea, and someone to chat to.

The group offers activities for people to join in with if they like, though it’s completely up to the individual to choose what they want to do. The primary focus is for women to meet in a space where they feel safe and connected and feel a sense of belonging. Members of the group have often spoken of the ‘unspoken connection’ that helps people feel understood.

The catch-up group is run in the beautiful room behind the service, which is attached to a lovely garden. WSC provides a regular monthly newsletter to keep the Community informed of what’s coming up. Special events also occur periodically, including outings to local attractions and the WSC Xmas Party. 

To find out more, please contact WSC so we can meet you, show you around our service, and organise for you to meet up with one of our volunteers.

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