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Children and Young People

In our work with children and young people we believe that each person is unique, and we honour the creative ways that children and young people resist and respond to the violence, abuse and neglect they have been subjected to. 

We believe that children and young people require a safe relationship and environment to invite them into a collaborative counselling experience. Our environment has a warm, homey, community feel and is purposefully child friendly. This includes a beautiful garden, playroom, access to a kitchen, and plenty of healthy snacks on hand. 

Within these safe, welcoming spaces we offer opportunities for creative expression with a range of activities, such as making art and craft, going for a walk, playing a game, sport, or doing yoga.

As we understand that sexual abuse occurs in social context and has impacts that ripple out, we also include significant people in the child’s life in the work. Usually, we will invite parents and carers into sessions or catch up with them separately, as it is important that they are an integral part of the counselling process.


We may also include siblings or work with the whole family, as the impact of sexual abuse can be isolating for children and also may interfere with broader family connections. Similarly, we may try to support and educate the child or young person’s school environment to respond to them in safer and more helpful ways that aims to prevent any future harm and promotes their wellbeing. 



Child Safety

We are committed to best practice principles when it comes to Child Safety. Our service considers child safety in all its decision making and at all levels.

We are a mandatory reporting service

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